Foyer of Thomas Canny Retouching Studio

Foyer of Thomas Canny Retouching Studio


Thomas Canny began his professional art career after receiving a Master of Arts Degree in painting and drawing.  His paintings

have been purchased through representation by private collectors, businesses and corporations.  He has taught college and

university courses in painting and graphic design, freelanced doing book cover illustrations and worked several years as a

designer at a busy advertising agency.

As a Young artist Thomas experimented with a variety of art-related professions.  While working for a photography studio he

asked if he could do retouching.  Excited by this new challenge, he knew that his background as a painter and illustrator would

be an excellent match.  He immediately enrolled for further studies in retouching, quickly confirming that retouching indeed

combined many of the elements he already loved about painting, meshing perfectly with his proficiency at realism and detail.

In 1990 Thomas opened his digital retouching studio on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles.  Since then the studio has grown and

moved to its new location in Burbank, California.  For twenty-five years his full-service digital imaging company has provided

flawless retouching for advertising, fashion, beauty, entertainment and the music industries.  With their recent move into the

world of CGI the studio has added yet another premier service.

Whether collaborating with you on your next ad campaign or adding the finishing touches to your personal work of art,

commitment to your success has always been the highest priority for the Thomas Canny Studio.